We have all the bases covered from a woo commerce store to an all in one integration with a Square POS.


Actively developed with new features to be added. We can easily build any cusomization you may need.


Automated Member Enrollment

New members sign up online and are automatically enrolled with recurring shipments.


Batch & Automated Billing

Create your recurring shipment on your schedule, and then process all your clubs at once with the click of a button!


Product Restrictions

Designate products as available to members only.

Frequently Asked Questions

Please email us with any questions beyond what is covered below.

Is this plugin compatible with Woo Commerce?

This plugin is built from the ground up to be an alternative to WooCommerce’s complicated to setup membership plugin. It focused strictly on recurring payment clubs.

How does Batch Processing work?

With recurring products, companies benefit from streamlining. Unlike woocommerce memberships, all orders can be run at once, whenever you like. 

What payment gateways

is it compatible with?

Currently, it is fully developed to work with Authorize.net, Stripe and Square.

Do you have a demo I can try?

Please contact us and we will walk you through functionalities and answer any questions you may have.