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Club Creation

User Management

Batch Order Processing

Create a Wine Club

1.) Under Wine Club go to > Wine Club.

2.) Click on Add new membership level.

3.) Name the membership.

4.) Select Wine Club order discount.

5.) Select which product categories the wine club discount applies to.

6.) Select which shipping method applies to that wine club membership.

7.) Write wine club description.

8.) Under Welcome Email settings, fill in the email title and email message that will go to all wine club members that join online.

9.) Once finished click on add membership.

User Management

1.) Under Users, select existing user or create a new user.

Scroll down to the Wine Club information box.

Select Wine Club membership level.

Local pickup is for members that will not be charged shipping because they are a local pick up.

Skip Shipment is for members skipping shipment, then select the date that they will receive the next shipment.

Customer Order Notes are for Membership notes.

Then click on update user.

Once user is updated, add credit card.

Scroll down to Square add credit card and enter wine club member payment information, then click on Add card.

Create a Wine Club

1.) Under Wine club, select batch processingselect membership product, then click next step.

2.) Under Choose product, click on add products and choose the products that will ship with the wine club, the wine club discount will automatically calculate the discount associated with that wine club.

3.) The next screen will list members. Select all or select the members receiving shipment, any members that have skip shipment selected will be grayed out. Write in Order notes any wine club information that you would like to be on the Woocommerce order confirmation. Click next step and all wine club orders will be created.

4.) Then go to Woocommerce > orders. All orders will be pending payment.

5.) Go into each order, inspect the order, adjust or add products if necessary, then under customer name click process payment.

Create a Club Woocommerce product

1.) Create a product as you normally would under woocommerce products.

2.) Once you create product go to woocommerce settings. Under General there will be Wine Club Product Settings, under membership level select the wine club that is associated with this product. Only use this for actual wine clubs.

3.) For individual products you have the option to select if a product is exclusive to wine club members. If it is a wine club only product the product page will say wine club and have a login button

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